Writing Condensations - Inventing Difficulties

In anticipation of the publication of my book Condensations from Uniformbooks I have mapped out some thoughts on the process of writing it. ‘Taking the Lake mountains as an example. One may state broadly that the British climber could not have learned how to climb, nor, trained in his judgement an... read more

1 Minute Autohypnosis Compact Disc

My sound work 'Please Police Believe' was included on the 38th CD of 1-min autohypnosis from Pedro Bericat. Arriving in the best mail art way through my letter box inside an appropriated Flexi-disc 45. You can listen to this work: 15 Nathan Walker - 'Please Police Believe' or visit the Mute Sound ... read more

North x North West Poetry Tour

During January and February 2017 I will be one of six core poets touring the north west and Yorkshire. Alongside Amy Cutler, Patricia Farrell, SJ Fowler, Tom Jenks & Chris McCabe I'll be on tour to York, Manchester, Edge Hill, Leeds, Sheffield and Liverpool. Curated by Tom Jenks and SJ Fowler, ... read more

Uniformagazine - Condensations

The following text is an excerpt from an article about my forthcoming book Condensations (from Uniform Books) and reflections on my residency at the Armitt Museum, Ambleside, in the latest issue of Uniformagazine (Issue 7). This project began with a single letter: ‘W’. Due to a typo in Thomas Donald’s 1774 Histor... read more

Conceptual Poetics at the Poetry Library

Between 24th May - 3rd July 2016 my Action Score Generator will be exhibited as part of The Poetry Library exhibition 'Conceptual Poetics'. The exhibition also features current work from UK presses such as if p then q, Information as Material, ZimZalla and If a Leaf Falls, as well as work ... read more

English PEN Modern Literature Festival

On 2nd April 2016 at Rich Mix, London I read a work in response to the unfair imprisonment of Qatari poet Mohammed al-‘Ajami, as part of the English PEN Modern Literature Festival. The was the first ever English PEN Modern Literature Festival and saw 30 contemporary UK-based writers present new works in... read more