Cumulus Journal

September 12th, 2018

I have a new poem (excerpt below) in the second issue of Cumulus Journal. Other contributors include: Luke Roberts, Nat Raha, Ed Luker, Juha Virtanen, Ellen Dillon, Maria Sledmere, Andrew Spragg, Robert Sheppard, Sarah Bernstein, Sneha Subramanian Kanta, A K Blakemore, Joey Frances, Peter Hughes, Nadia de Vries, Alice Tarbuck.

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Bribes flooded the vase wrung up the healthy twin. The same folk wrings the sink backs up the edges cloud to folksongs. Volumes steady lull and stealthy lag drain. Heat praises the mandolin you are no longer hearing. Beaters and eyestalks would be capable of eyes much greener for carrying the lateral spreads of the burden, putting it down deeper heavier wound low. Underwater, with the vetiver expanding out, presence is not simple: it is a bluest vapour and follows the path on to a stepped skilful sissy fast. —Stope & Feather - Nathan Walker 2018

Cumulus cover art by Bryony Rose